Were you enjoying a piece of cherry pie until you bit down hard on a stray pit? Did your dental filling simply loosen or fall out but you don’t know why? Whether caused by injury or decay, losing a filling can result in dental pain from exposed tooth tissue.

Azarko Dental Group’s emergency dental clinic in Edmonton is available to treat your severe and sudden toothache when it becomes too much to handle.

Losing a large, deep filling or experiencing constant throbbing pain could mean you need an emergency filling at our Edmonton dental center.

With no appointment necessary, you can walk in any day of the week for a wide range of urgent care services for dental emergencies, and we offer extended hours as needed. We will do our best to get you treated immediately, and calling ahead helps minimize your wait time.

Why You Might Need an Emergency Dental Filling

You may have one or more fillings to replace the decayed part of a tooth or to prevent decay in a cracked tooth. When you lose that protective filling, the pain is obvious, but there’s also the risk of new decay if you put off a trip to the dentist. If not treated in a timely manner, a lost or chipped filling can lead to an abscess, a root canal or loss of the tooth. Here are some reasons you might need an emergency dental filling:

  • Sudden dental trauma or biting down on a hard object certainly gets your attention when it causes your filling to loosen or fall out. You can also eventually wear down and loosen a filling by habitually clenching your teeth or crunching on ice.
  • It might seem that injury is the major reason that someone loses a filling, but actually untreated tooth decay underneath worn fillings is the usual culprit. That means if you have severe dental pain and a loose filling, you could need an emergency dental filling to replace the old filling and stop tooth decay from spreading. 
  • You can have developed a new cavity from untreated tooth decay, leading to extreme sensitivity, throbbing pain and/or inflammation. To help avoid a root canal, your emergency dentist will choose to immediately remove the decay and restore the tooth with a dental filling.

Extended Hours Emergency Dental Clinic

We at Azarko Dental Group’s emergency dental clinic know that losing a filling or a having a painful tooth can make eating meals and even sleeping nearly impossible. To limit the discomfort and prevent tooth decay, we have dentists available to provide an emergency dental filling in Edmonton. We are open 7 days a week and on holidays.

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