Is dental discomfort distracting you from everyday activities, or has an accident damaged one or more of your teeth? Our dentists are prepared for a variety of situations that require immediate attention and, if necessary, emergency tooth extractions at our West Edmonton dental center.

Such situations include:

  • Trauma to jaw or gums
  • Broken teeth that cannot be repaired or saved
  • Tooth roots that are fractured or cracked
  • Painful, severe tooth decay
  • Abscesses and gum disease
  • Impacted wisdom teeth

At Azarko Dental Group’s emergency dental clinic in Edmonton, you can walk in for treatment 7 days a week and on holidays. We have extended hours available so you do not have to suffer dental pain all day and night. No appointment is necessary, but you can shorten your wait time by calling ahead at 780-483-7079.

Why Choose Our Emergency Dental Clinic?

Unless you have other severe injuries and uncontrollable bleeding along with dental trauma or pain, seeking immediate dental care at an immediate care dental center is more affordable and convenient than your local emergency room. Few ERs have a dentist, and the medical staff may only be able to provide antibiotics and/or painkillers to help you until you can visit a dentist. 

Instead, you will find dentists available every day of the week in the comfortable, low-stress setting at Azarko Dental Group’s emergency dental clinic. Our dentists can evaluate the cause of your pain and follow the appropriate course of action with the goal of saving your tooth if at all possible. If a tooth must be removed, we are prepared to make our patients as comfortable as possible during emergency tooth extractions at our West Edmonton dental center.

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Services are Provided by General Dentists

  • Dr. D. Johnston
  • Dr. J. Lee
  • Dr. A. Panesar
  • Dr. U. Szkudlarek
  • Dr. B. York
  • Dr. A. Zhang

Call now: (780) 483-7079