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Dental emergencies don't always accommodate us by happening during regular business hours. Our dentists are available evenings, weekends and holidays to see you in the case of an emergency.

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Emergency Dental Services in Edmonton

We offer same-day emergency services for a wide range of dental emergencies. 

Tooth Extraction, Emergency Dental Care

Tooth Extractions

Our dentists are prepared for a variety of situations that require immediate attention and, if necessary, provide emergency tooth extractions.

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Tooth Fillings, Emergency Dental Care

Broken or Lost Fillings

If you have a broken or lost filling that is causing you discomfort, our dentists can repair it right away to help ease your pain.

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Root Canals, Emergency Dental Care

Root Canals

If tooth pain is keeping you from focusing during the day or sleeping at night, you may need an emergency root canal. 

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Emergency Dental Tips & Advice

Read our blog for helpful information on how to handle a dental emergency, and keep your smile healthy.

Dental Fistula: What is it?

Dental Fistula: What is it?

What is a dental (oral) fistula and what are some potential causes and symptoms? Our Edmonton dentists discuss how fistulas are linked to dental abscesses and how we approach treating them. 

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Dry Socket: Symptoms & Treatment

Dry Socket: Symptoms & Treatment

What is dry socket, what are some common symptoms and how is it often caused? Our Edmonton dentists explain what you need to know about this dental emergency, including treatment options.

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Wisdom Tooth Removal: Aftercare Tips & Tricks

Wisdom Tooth Removal: Aftercare Tips & Tricks

Wondering what to do after your wisdom teeth removal procedure to help yourself heal and avoid complications? Our Edmonton dentists share some tips in this post to avoid complications or dental emergencies. 

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Have a dental emergency in Edmonton? We're here on weekends and after hours to help.

Dental emergencies always happen when you least expect them. Our friendly and experienced dental team is on call to assist you when you need us most.

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