Tooth Extractions | Emergency Dental Care | Edmonton

Emergency Tooth Extractions in Edmonton

Is dental discomfort distracting you from everyday activities, or has an accident damaged one or more of your teeth? Our dentists are prepared for a variety of situations that require immediate attention and, if necessary, emergency tooth extractions at our West Edmonton dental center.

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Tooth Fillings | Emergency Dental Care | Edmonton

Emergency Tooth Fillings in Edmonton

If you have a broken or loose filling that is causing you pain and needs to be replaced in Edmonton, Azarko Dental Group’s emergency dental clinic is open 7 days a week with no appointment necessary.

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Root Canals | Emergency Dental Care | Edmonton

Emergency Root Canals in Edmonton

If tooth pain is keeping you from focusing during the day or sleeping at night, a dentist at Azarko Dental Group’s emergency dental clinic is ready to provide immediate care, including emergency root canals, in Edmonton. 

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Proudly Providing Edmonton with Emergency Dental Care since 1979

Azarko West's Emergency Dental Clinic Edmonton

No appointment is necessary at Azarko Dental Group’s emergency dental clinic; however, we ask that you please call ahead to keep wait times minimal. We are open 7 days a week to take care of any dental emergency including a broken tooth, chipped tooth, loose crown, infected filling and more. Don’t put up with dental pain throughout your day. Our dentists have been helping patients by providing emergency dental treatment since 1979. We are open on weekdays, evenings, holidays and extended hours.

Your Emergency Dentist in Edmonton

No matter when you come in with a dental emergency, we always have several dentists available to help you. At our Edmonton emergency dental clinic, we work to make your visit quick and provide you with excellent patient care. With our professional and dedicated team we make sure that you get the help you deserve from our emergency dentist. Our team strives to be prompt, reliable and offer pain relief quickly. With free parking and minimal wait times, we should be the first call you make when you have dental pain.

Part of the Azarko Dental Group at the Azarko West location on the N.E. corner of 150 St. and Stony Plain Rd., our emergency clinic can help you with your dental emergencies. Even if your dental problem is not an emergency, feel free to book an appointment with our friendly and caring dentists.

Call now so we can help you! (780) 483-7079

14938 Stony Plain Rd., NE Corner of 150th St. & Stony Plain Rdmap
(across from Jasper Gates)

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Emegency Dental Edmonton

Relief for Dental Pain

No Appointment Necessary

However, please call ahead to keep wait times minimal.

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Services are Provided by General Dentists

  • Dr. D. Johnston
  • Dr. J. Lee
  • Dr. A. Panesar
  • Dr. U. Szkudlarek
  • Dr. B. York
  • Dr. A. Zhang

Call now: (780) 483-7079