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Do you have a dental emergency?

If you are wondering what constitutes a dental emergency, you’re not alone. Here, our Edmonton dentists describe how to tell if you need emergency dental care.

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Dental Injuries & Sports

Wearing a mouth guard during sports can help protect your oral cavity from injury. Here, our dentists Edmonton dentists discuss the most common injuries that can occur during sports, and how they are treated.

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4 Signs You Need Emergency Dental Help

For many people, it can be hard to tell if a dental problem requires emergency dental care or not. Here, our Edmonton dentists describe 5 signs that you need emergency dental help.

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Should I use an emergency dental filling kit?

Emergency dental filling kits can useful be as a short term fix in an emergency for a broken tooth or lost filling, but they are not a replacement for going to the dentist for a professional dental filling. Here, our Edmonton dentists explain why.

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